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Why and How to Convert VOB to iMovie?

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1 Why and How to Convert VOB to iMovie? on Thu Nov 17, 2016 11:13 pm

VOB files are usually exist in the DVD disc, or sharing site to download from the film. When you put a commercial DVDS and family DVDS, you will see a lot of VOB files. In addition to the VOB file, you will also find IFO and BUP files in Video TS folder. However, only the VOB file contains real DVD movies.
Why do you want to convert VOB to iMovie?
When you try to import VOB to iMovie for editing, you will find all VOB files are grey in the Video TS folder. This is because the VOB is not supported by iMovie. To edit the VOB files (whether iMovie HD iMovie 08, iMovie 09 or iMovie 11), must first converts VOB files to iMovie friendly format. IMovie support MOV, M4V and AVI and M - JPEG coding.
In the past, you can try to use disk utility to create a VOB file disk image files, then. DMG image import iMovie as a video camera. In fact, it is a solution. But it doesn't work. To local VOB files or VOB files from DVD import iMovie, the simplest method is to use the VOB converter software converts VOB to iMovie compatible format. Here I strongly recommend this professional, easy to use –AllPepole Video Converter. It allows you to convert VOB files to iMovie in just a few clicks. Including iMovie preset for easy access.
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