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Standard Windows and Mac Player - AllPepole video player

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AllPepole video player is launched by AllPepole company, it is compatible with most of the video and audio formats. AllPepole video player uses NSIS encapsulation, as a standard Windows and Mac installer, characterized by single file multilingual (simplified Chinese + English) at present, has stable and flexible to install, uninstall, maintenance and repair, and the optimization of integrated decoder as much as possible the combination and compatibility adjustment, is suitable for the most common used in multimedia or simple production as the main demand of users, and novice users; For experienced, or have a professional multimedia production demand of users, we recommend you to install respectively suitable for your needs independent tools, rather than using the integrated general decode package.

Latest official functions:

1. The new smart 3 d technology
Perfect optimization subtitles online support 3 d playback function.

2. Left eye technology updates
Powerful "left eye" technology, improve local and online video quality.

3. Play of clarity, smooth degree has been a sharp increase
Provide 720 p, 1080 p hd video online 1 m bandwidth really played 720 p hd video online skin, enjoyable viewing experience .

4. Perfectly universal video player
Universal broadcast service upgrade to 180 million users with 150 million times a day.

Free download at app store:

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