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Recommend a all-around player – AllPepole Video Player

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When we use computers, always see the film and video. At this time, a useful player software is indispensable. Today is for the use of Mac readers, recommend a all-around player –AllPepole video player.

1. Interface support in both Chinese and English
AllPepole already completed the development of the Chinese also completed the development of English, for different language files, relieved to be able to play.

2. The playback controls
Horizontal scroll refers to the mouse around refers double or single which sliding control. According to the frame, support the horizontal scroll custom frame, time intervals and switch subtitles. The rest for press 1 second jumping the length of the play. According to the function frame is more natural. Loop for less frequent in everyday use, but for some special occasions, such as some business place (coffee shop, clothing, etc.), various meetings in a period of time, before the official start of the cycle of video is common. Add playlist management, can realize the recycle multiple video files.

3. The picture quality

Quality and color performance, video decoder is so powerful that can help users to present a clear picture of support hd picture.

Free download at app store:

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