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Free professional video converter for you

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1 Free professional video converter for you on Mon Feb 02, 2015 7:23 pm

Often use camera friends must be familiar with the MTS format, because HD video camera is shot out of MTS format. Due to the high definition MTS format file preview in DV has no problem, but export save it on your computer whether to play or editing is very inconvenient, so before the MTS format video editing, we often need a Video Converter tool to convert MTS format to AVI, MP4, MPG and other common video format, then no matter is editing or import some mobile devices to watch won't be a problem.

In general we will choose professional HD video format conversion tool, is to ensure that the converted video quality constant. MTS HD video converter is not exceptional also, ordinary video format converter is not suitable, and special format conversion software is preferred. HD video files such as AllPepole 's My VideoConverter can not only support MTS format conversion output corresponding to the output video format , and used widely, provides great convenience for the user, whether you want to put the MTS format conversion of AVI, MP4, WMV, MPG and other formats can easily realize.

Open AllPepole format conversion software main interface can be seen, the software directly preset format commonly used in various output formats, users want to just get the little mouse will be able to choose what kind of format, when the user selects an output format the software will automatically adjust various video parameters, without the user operation is simple and convenient, especially for some is not too familiar with the various video parameters of the users are very friendly.

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