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How to Merge MP3 songs together?

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1 How to Merge MP3 songs together? on Thu Feb 05, 2015 9:43 pm

It believes that every computer enthusiasts and every love music people's hard disk have many MP3. However, in appreciation of time these graceful MP3 songs, often switch a song with the next song to regulate and choice, especially favorite song, even listen to a few times are not satisfied, the regulation is up trouble. Can make the first few MP3 merge into a song, to eliminate the need for manual selection of distress? Of course you can. Below I will introduce the simple Multimedia Merge software to you.

First of all, you have two ways to add you merging MP3. The first is a key to add all the MP3, will be a few first synthesized MP3 songs placed in the same folder, directly add folder. Another is to press the Ctrl button, select the few primary group singing songs. Add finished, you can begin to merge. The merger takes a few time, need to wait for a while, etc. after the completion of the merger will prompt you, then the two files are merged together. Click play songs lyrics, songs are stringed together right? In this way, you can make more similar songs, or love songs together, also can free combination, is it interesting right?

My Media Merge can not only support the audio format, but also supports video and photos merger, you can merge pictures and pictures, pictures and audio, pictures and video. The method of operation is the same simple. Why not have a try?

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