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Convert RMVB format into mobile device

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1 Convert RMVB format into mobile device on Thu Feb 12, 2015 9:47 pm

RMVB is a very common video format, a lot of video we downloaded from the Internet are RMVB format. And now use mobile phone to watch video has become a fashion, many mobile phones are used in 3gp format, 3gp is a simplified version of MP4 format, reducing storage space and low bandwidth requirements in mobile phone, limited storage space can be smooth to use. So we need a universal Video Converter, the RMVB format into the mobile phone support 3gp format.

First, open the My VideoConverter, a clear interface believes that even in the initial use of this software people will better understand. There are three modules at the top of the software, respectively is convert, play and download. Each interface is a strong function of the video conversion software. In the convert directory, click on the upper left corner of the main interface of the "load" button, insert the RMVB format video into the converter, the import quantity is not limited so that users can save most of the time.

Second, select 3gp format, the software at the left and right sides, respectively, set out a series of device and formats. In format, enter the format selection, find the 3gp format; or if you want to go to a mobile device, you can directly select the device, the direct selection of mobile devices to output, don't consider your mobile phone really support what format, My VideoConverter is automatically adjusted according to your model.

Third, the output path settings, whether we download a movie, or install a software, you need to set the save file, it is convenient for us to find the file format conversion directly, also without this step.

Fourth, convert. After the above setup is completed, click on the "convert" button, you can run the conversion. My VideoConverter supports multi-threaded conversion, can be set to convert multiple files simultaneously, compared with other software, batch conversion greatly saves the time of conversion.

My VideoConverter is full-featured video conversion software, which supports the format up to 160 kinds, also supports the conversion of cross platform, after conversion can also be used for HD Preview, is worthy of your deserve.

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