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Let your mobile phone easily play all videos

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1 Let your mobile phone easily play all videos on Fri Feb 27, 2015 9:37 pm

In order to be able on the bus or at a park bench take out mobile phone, iPad or MP4 to find the satisfied movie and watch it for a while, to enjoy the movie at the same time, can also pass the boring time, I believe we have used many video converter software, will own love movie from RMVB, avi format conversion to the mobile phone support 3gp, MP4 format, to facilitate can play. But the popular mobile phone on the market are too much, but for different mobile phone have different resolution, different screen pixel size, and so on, in the end result is worked most of the day, the result is the converted video some unable to watch, some poor resolution of the outrageous...

So I recommend a very awesome format conversion tool -- My VideoConverter! I personally tested, which is powerful software, you can also convert to HD video.

1, supported system

My VideoConverter now supports windows system and Mac system; the Video Converter for Mac+Win version is for the user to solve the system trouble.

2, Insert format

This video conversion software has the characteristics of "universal", all the popular market of video format, audio format and image format files can be converted freely, also need not worry again on your computer format cannot be successfully converted.

3, output format

The output format be too numerous to enumerate, you can select the output channel according to your own needs, you can directly select the conversion to the mobile phone, the system will automatically match fit format. Also the output video can be broadcast in each big mainstream video player.

4, DIY Convert parameters

According to the optimal resolution and bitrate of mobile phone, you can DIY appropriate video formats and sizes, to help you easily get video conversion.

My video converter not only can convert video, also supports the converted video preview playback and download online video. More detailed information about My VideoConverter, you can enter the AllPepole official website or email directly to the for more.

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