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How to use video converter convert your video to MP4?

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Intelligent mobile phone plays an important role in our life, it is like a micro-computer in the palm of the hand, in addition to phone calls and send text messages, surf the Internet, play games, listen to music, watching movies is everything to know, with the mobile phone hardware configuration upgrade, supported entertainment features are more powerful, which can easily play HD movies and TV plays, especially for MP4 format movie video file, can almost be said to be widely used. Although often download movies and TV plays with RMVB, RM, AVI and other formats, we can easily use the video converter to achieve conversion of the RMVB to MP4, RM to MP4, AVI to MP4 and other operations, to meet our own mobile phone to play MP4 file format.

The video conversion process of MP4 sounds trouble, but it is not the case, for the regular cell phone video of the users can be said to be almost effortlessly, as long as the hands to prepare a powerful video converter, all problems will be readily solved.

My Video Converter is currently a favored by many players that supports for all video format conversion, the interface is simple and easy to operate, and is very powerful, can put the rapid conversion of various TV film file into a file of general MP4 format, and according to use needs to choose a different code, such as H264 video coding of iPhone phone, and Samsung, HTC and other mobile phone support MPEG4 format, whether mobile phones need to use what kind of encoded MP4 format files can be quickly according to the specified requirements conversion to get. In addition, My Video Converter can not only convert video, still pictures and audio conversion, is one of the indispensable universal video converting software.

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