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Why we can believe My Merger

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1 Why we can believe My Merger on Tue Mar 03, 2015 7:57 pm

We often see a lot of people upload video by the splendid picture highlights many film formed on the Internet, maybe a lot of people are wondering, how they will be wonderful picture movie merged into one video. In fact, we use the simplest operation, the most senior media merge software brand My Merger, and you can easily merge multiple video files. I usually use the software will be video files on my computer to merge, forming a wonderful film highlights, so I can look at the series, no advertising and coherent watching all the video.

This video merge software has several most recommended places:

1. the operation is simple, clear interface. This video with software is composed of four plates, respectively is the preview, pictures, video and audio, people can understand the operation method.

2. combined type multi. With this video merge software can not only support the merger also supports video, pictures and audio, of course also supports picture and video, pictures and audio, mixed with video and audio.

3. with no change of the original picture. The input is what kind of picture, the output is what kind of picture, never change the degree of clear picture.

4. in the media files before the merger adjustment merge order. The video in front, or a picture in front of, or audio in front, it is as you say.

5. independent choose output path. The output path many software as the default path, but the video output path merging software merged into the document control by the users themselves, this also is convenient for the user to find after the.

6. after the merger of directly preview don't open the other video player software.

Compared to other video merger software, My Merger’s merge the speed is faster, and the use of video parameters can be easily derived software default clear and smooth video files, a friend in need, give it a try.

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