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How to merge multiple videos

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1 How to merge multiple videos on Sun Mar 08, 2015 8:52 pm

The digital age has arrived, along with digital cameras and digital video cameras into millions of households, the average family can also like the director to direct family life and travel moments to shoot a video tour. Thus there are inevitably accumulate a large number of video clips, and then we come up with an idea why not we merge those so that we can save them conveniently. Merging those videos, using some non-linear editing software too cumbersome, bulky, difficult to get started, here's a quick and easy method, using basic video merge software "My Merger", quickly merge video clips.


1, click the "add video" button

Find the video column in the video merge software, click on the Add button, then pop-up an accordingly dialog box, choose to need merge video. With the mouse drag operation, or hold down the CTRL key, select and add multiple videos.

2, preview and editing video

Click on the video, you can preview, if you want to sign for your video on personality, add description text or caption, directly click on the “T” button, enter the text you want to add, and then click save. If you want to add a new video, also can click on the Add button again, continue to add.

3, Click merger to start merge.

Operation is so simple, after the above steps are completed, click the Merge button to achieve rapid merger.

In the use of the process, we also found that, the video merge software, in addition to video column, there are pictures and audio column. So, with our video merger software, not only can realize video merging, also can help you complete the video and pictures, video and audio, image and audio, pictures and pictures, audio and audio, so the video merger software is multi-function. In addition, this video merger can not only download at AllPepole official website, also can be installed in Apple APP store.

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