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How to use video conversion software to convert to WMV?

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Making the PPT presentation often is not easy because of the wrong video format which cannot playback in the slideshow! As long as the video format is converted to WMV format can be inserted in the PPT. Because, as everyone knows, the WMV format is a basic format, compatibility is great. So how to use video conversion software convert to WMV format? Let’s go to have a look!

1, There is not video conversion software in your computer, you should go to the official website of AllPepole or Apple APP Store download video converter, after the download, double-click the installation package to install the software. The installation is successful, will appear on the desktop shortcut to My VideoConverter.

2, Double-click the shortcut, open the My VideoConverter, to see both sides of the menu, choose and find WMV formats in format region.

3, after finding WMV format, find the load file button in the upper left corner, add video files, which can also be a one-time add multiple files.

4, after add videos, they will appear in the video list. Select the need to converted video, according to your need to set the video parameters and output configuration.

5, then click the right sidebar WMV, eventually video will be converted into WMV format, also you can choose a different video formats according to your own needs, not only the WMV format. In addition, now a lot of friends like to use mobile phone to watch video, you can also choose your mobile phone models in video conversion software under the Device, directly converted into mobile phone supported formats.

6, select the save path, save directory in the lower left corner of the converted program to find the file, and then click Convert all.

Note: at present, the My VideoConverter should meet the needs of the users, have launched the Windows version and Mac version. Video converter for Mac to download and install use method are basically similar with Windows Version, you don't have to worry about operation. In addition, Video Converter in Apple APP Store can also download and install, you can choose to download method according to your own situation.

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