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Why have to be satisfied with Allpepole’s My MobileSwap

Go down  Message [Page 1 of 1] is carefully crafted by AllPepole company to achieve one-step manage contacts, edit and convert mass text messages and images audio or video, voice, music etc. between mobile devices and between computers and mobile devices.

And then how to use My MobileSwap?

1) Add
Add a communication record in the current Contact.
2) Delete(Del)
Delete selected records.
3) Merge
The selected 2 or more than 2 records merged into a record.
4) Import
Inport local directory of existing communications records to mobile device.
5) Export
Output the selected records to a local directory, generate the VCF file.

More information about My MobileSwap, you can enter the to search or contact us by email

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