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AllPepole photo editor helps your process photos

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AllPepole Photo editor is a powerful image editor, with many amazing effects and filters. Application includes image processing function in all the most common, and can provide almost all the photo editing and photo effects and drawing the incomparable.

There are four main functions: application in preview picture, treatment effect, photo editing, and self-timer function.

1) Preview picture. There are two ways you can choose, one is the preview in the slide, automatic browsing all the photos, is a preview in the photo wall, an eye watching all the photos of contour.

2) treatment effect, add special effects, such as bright storm, picture frame, gorgeous picture scene, focusing and virtual function, enthusiasm, sharpness and clarity regulation, add a variety of interesting words to pictures, sticker and other effects.

3) photo editing, image rotation, image cropping, image size adjustment, paint and graffiti function, can freely set the brush size and hardness, meet different needs, adjust the picture color attribute and brightness, adjust the exposure of the shortage of. Adjust the brightness, contrast, saturation, color temperature, mirror image function.

4) Self-timer function. A key to realize the self-timer, and then saved to the following like directory, then all kinds of decoration and treatment effect. And then the picture to share your Instagram and Facebook friends, easily retain fond memories of life, let more people find you, appreciate you.

So whether you are a professional or a beginner, you can use this photo editing software in less than 1 minute, it is easy to make amazing special effects. Make your work look like professionals. Structure of the photo editor is simple and clear, even children can use it! However, although it has the advantages of simple structure, it can also provide the quality and scope of certain widespread photo effects to your images. Use your imagination to create a masterpiece!

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