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How to use video converter to convert HD video?

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Although now portable playback device has become more and more popular, but suitable for portable devices to play full HD is not much, but also a variety of broadcast equipment of video formats and resolution requirements are not the same, even with the source, may not be suitable for their own players, so video converter can hardly be avoided.

Currently on the market most HD MP4 product basic support RMVB to AVI format video, so under normal circumstances we only need the full HD conversion for the two video formats, basic can suitable for all players.

Convert AVI and RMVB format video, we recommend the use of My Video Converter, compared with the similar video conversion software, it has the advantages of simple operation, high quality and conversion, conversion of a perfect RMVB and AVI high-definition video.

Finally, pay attention to, is not capable of playing video files can be converted directly as the source, such as a lot of MKV format HD video contain multiple tracks, while AVI and RMVB video can only have a track, so if not treated using this video files as source, transformation when will go wrong! So, please check first before video converter files whether multiple tracks, if any, which do not need to delete the track, so that you won't go wrong.

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