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Make a micro video with video merger by yourself

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Now that we have entered a "micro era", we play micro blogging, see micro piece, micro-fiction, is playing a more and more high-end micro video. Unlike Hollywood, the micro video focuses on creative and emotional expression, which gives us non-professionals to show ourselves, to express ourselves in space. Today, I will teach you to use AllPepole video merger, the use of amateur leisure time, but also trendy to make a micro-video, uploaded to the Internet to share with our friends. Although only a short micro-video production, but the cool elegance of these eye-catching elements are the must!

First, add micro video materials

Making Micro Video footage must have video clips, in addition to, we can also use picture as a material, which can help us to create a very unique micro-video and charm effect. Now we firstly import photos and videos. Respectively, in the main interface to add, in the picture section, click the Add button in the pop-up box; select the file to import all the photos one time. In the video section is the same operation.

Second, accompany with good music and captions MTV lyrics

In the "Audio" tab, click "Add media files", we can be coupled with good music for our micro-video production. If you want to create a video produced by MTV micro effect, you can also click on the "T" button to manually enter your own captions lyrics, set the font color size, in order to perfect show.

Third, the narrator describes a moving story

If you make a micro video contains a moving story, you can also click on the "T" button in the dialog box accompanied by elegant narration for you to make a micro-video, this video contains micro story will express perfectly.

These are some of the basic video production techniques merge, but enough to make very moving and beautiful micro videos. If you think its ok, your beautiful micro video can be directly derived. Of course, if you have more ideas, you can also take advantage of other features of video merger which you will get more features micro-video production. Once created, click on the "Merger" button to export the video to video sharing websites or blog, to show your master's! In addition, we video merger not only supports Windows version, but also supports Mac versions, operating methods and software features are basically the same. There is also good news, we can directly go to Apple APP store for free download and install this Media Merger software.

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