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How to convert your video to AVI

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1 How to convert your video to AVI on Mon Mar 16, 2015 11:01 pm

AVI is the mainstream of video files, which can be seen everywhere, such as some games, educational software titles, multimedia CD-ROM, there will be a lot of AVI. AVI can be directly broadcast on WINDOWS 95 or 98, and there are several of its own format, the most common are Intel INDEO Video and R3.2.Microsoft video. But some media players can’t support AVI, because of some encoder and resolution can’t playback normally. So we must set the parameter of the AVI video before video converter.

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After video conversion software running in the main interface, the storage path "format and device" set after the conversion of video files and confirm the AVI as the output format, and then through the software of the upper left corner of the "add files" to add video files.

The next thing is very important, which is directly related to the success or failure of conversion and the converted video quality.

First of all, we should set a good video encoder

There are two kinds of video encoder in "Option", where MP4 is the best compatibility video encoder, mobile multimedia equipment all can normal playback, if you want to choose other encoder, you must first understand whether your player supports.

Second, set the resolution of perfect quality "point to point"

As everyone knows, the LCD screen has the physical resolution, only physical resolution consistent when the video screen and screen resolution is reached when the "best show the effect of point". Therefore, we need set specific video picture resolution before conversion. For example, 800 * 480 is the physical resolution of my MP4 screen, if the video source file resolution is 1280 * 546, after conversion is bound to affect the viewing experience. This quality is not only poor, but also difficulty because of the extra pixels to increase the document size and increase the decoding. To solve this problem, you can use the AllPepole video converter independently set video resolution.

Tip: in addition to the AVI format, AllPepole video converter also supports all video into PMP and PSPMP4 format, so have PSP users, you can also use it to convert video formats. In addition, in order to avoid the conversion is completed after the discovery of the video has a problem, a waste of time, we can also use the video converter software preview function, need not wait into the mobile device or other player after that can’t play.

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