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There are many functions of AllPepole video player

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There are many players in the market, but the experience of the AllPepole Video Player, personally think that there are worth trying to place in the functional design, so today I will share it with you.

First of all, the media player supports all video and audio formats. Now a lot of players only support several video or audio formats. A lot of people need download the video format converter to convert to players supported format. But My Player, no such restrictions, a key to add multiple video, let you free to watch all the video, without a mouse click switch, the video player will automatically play the next video. During video playback, see loved picture, then perhaps you will think of screenshots, but when open to look, but found a screenshot of the picture is not so clear. In fact, My Player screenshot function is my favorite, one click snapshot, the original video screen, true HD stills, will be automatically saved to C:\Users\Administrator.USERSWO-6N7VG29\AllPePole\MyPlayer\Screenshot, it is worth collecting.

Secondly, in the Multimedia Player, we can also view and edit pictures. See the picture also has two ways, one is the slide view, and the other is the photo wall. Just put the snapshot images quickly to check, in the process of viewing, found favorite stills also can a key to set to your desktop, each time you open the computer, or to go back to the table will show your favorite photos, is not feeling very comfortable? In addition, we also can perform simple editing of the picture, for example add description or label to pictures, dozens of classic bubble, as you choose, you want to put in the position to which the picture, as long as the mouse gently lug, can achieve.

Finally, the player can also be used as media merge device. Wonderful video, HD stills, beautiful pictures, merge them together, made into your own exclusive video. Before the merger, simply set the picture out of the way, dozens of animations available, animate pictures, for dynamic look.

The product summary:

In the design of function, I think AllPepole media player to do face to face and taste, not only has a player function, it also provides more functions of benefits for users. At present, My Player not only supports Windows version download, Mac version also supports, can not only go to AllPepole official website, but also can go to Apple APP Store download. All download mode, a variety of system version support, users can according to your own needs to download and install.

My Player app downloads address: Multimedia Player

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