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How to transfer mobile phone data freely

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1 How to transfer mobile phone data freely on Mon Mar 23, 2015 8:50 pm

The more function of the Intelligent mobile phone, the more trouble can de caused, and the need of more and more sorts of files, file size is more and more big, with computer or other mobile phone transmission will be also relatively trouble, take an apple mobile phone a example, if you want to transfer some things between mobile phone and computer, you need a computer end connected to iTunes, can realize the media or the application installation, use up more trouble, if the transfer between the mobile phone is more trouble, more apple iOS limits, although this can be a very good against piracy, but for users use is not free. The following will introduce several Android Mobile Transfer methods.


As the most traditional way, application of Bluetooth in Android was more extensive, in addition to mobile phone or mobile phone to PC transfer between some of the content, application of Bluetooth is also widely to the peripherals, the user can through the Bluetooth pairing for Android mobile phone keyboard, mouse installed even Bluetooth watches, is relatively easier to use, but as the transmission function of the most traditional, Bluetooth is more trouble.


In addition to Bluetooth transmission mode, we usually used Wi-Fi, usually can use the Wi-Fi connection between the mobile phone and PC, two sets of equipment in the same Wi-Fi environment can be synchronized, the synchronization process of the Android itself does not support, require the use of third party tools.


The use of cloud file transfer started to become mainstream, the main reason is that the cloud service almost every platform can take all, provide cloud transmission service providers enough, selectivity, but also more convenient use, cloud transmission operation requires different services set. First of all, if there is no Wi-Fi network, the use of cloud transmission services will be very cost flow, after all the application now, mobile phone media file header are not small, the biggest obstacle to this is cloud transmission face, at the same time cloud transmission service provider in the space is limited, may also be single upload file size is limited, if it is upload pictures, there may be compressed. It can be said that a cloud service with many uncertainties, although the development speed is very fast, but there are many problems to be solved.

The following for I will introduce our independent research and development mobile phone data transfer tool -- My Mobile Swap.

My Mobile Swap is a Mobile Trans software which carefully created by AllPepole, only need data line connect to the two mobile phones, can realize the transmission of all mobile phone data, such as contacts, short messages, photos, video and audio etc… With the data lines to complete the data transmission, transmission technology nowadays is the most mature, not only fast and stable, but also no safety concerns, if the correct use of the data line, it will not happen data loss situation, very stable, also do not have to worry about whether it will break midway.

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