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The video conversion software can not only convert but also add subtitles

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The arrival of so many New iPad makes HD fans put it down, watching 1080P HD blockbusters want to have excellent experience with the New iPad ultra-clear screen supports, everything is not a problem. Currently watching HD movies with the iPad has become one of the most popular applications, both in the coffee shops, shopping malls resting place, airports, buses, everywhere you can see the Apple powder holding iPad comfortably enjoy high-definition films and television shows. In most cases, they are not viewed online but chose to use video converter to convert wanted films and television shows to iPad video format file, save it in the iPad smooth viewing. Especially like to use iPad watch high-definition large friend especially because a lot of movies, television, animation have no subtitles, using the iPad video converter for processing video files when added together with the caption looks a lot easier.

Then we will take you to see how the iPad video format conversion process, add the subtitles. First, download and install a professional video converter --My Video Converter, a simple function of the overall operation of the software, specifically designed to convert HD video formats, support for iPad HD video format, of course, also supports external subtitles to add functionality.

Download and install the software, open the software interface, add video files downloaded movies to the software, you can use the mouse to drag the selected video files directly into the software window, one can add a video file, it can add multiple video files entirely up to you.

When we add the movie to the software window and immediately be able to see the bottom right of the file list from an "add subtitles" button, this time we will have to add subtitles. The latest movies, TV series, animation and other general correspondence subtitle files can be downloaded from the Internet, the subtitle file format is mainly srt, ass, ssa. When we click the " add subtitles " button will pop up a dialog box, you can add subtitles into the software immediately after the list can be seen from the top of the file to the right show the subtitle file, then subtitles file is ready.

When we added the subtitle, we can click on the left side of the output format in the video converter software, choose The New iPad video format, and then set the video parameters, in order to get better picture quality, we choose the output video format of H264 is the best, this format is also recommended video format by Apple, high-definition picture quality and delicate, it is suitable for watching high-definition movies. After a simple setup, click convert all, patiently waiting for the converted video formats to iPad on hand, sync to iPad can save up to watch it with subtitles blockbuster anytime!

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