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Mobile Transfer to copy any data between Android

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If you want to transfer photos or business cards and other documents from your smart phone quickly to a friend's cell phone, most people probably would choose to e-mail or text message. But there are some other techniques can make the transmission more quickly and easily.

On some Android phones, two mobile phones are very close and touch; you can transfer photos and other documents. But this requires two phones are equipped with a special NFC chip, not all Android phones have this chip, and iPhone cell phone is not. Another solution is through an application called Bump, two phones touch in some way, you can transfer files between iPhone and Android phones. This application is very useful, but your phone must touch each other's.

This week I have been testing a different Mobile Transfer tool, called My Mobile Swap, in terms of connecting friends, a new breakthrough technology, now only takes three seconds, you can put two or multiple phones connected to each other to transfer files. So AllPepole Mobile Swap compared with other transfer software on the market, and who is better to use, let’s do a comparison:

Let's take a look at AllPepole Mobile Swap works: no open WI-FI, no 2G / 3G on any network, no SIM card, you can put two or multiple phones together, through the data line stable and efficient data transmission, transfer files do not need to spend traffic and spike Bluetooth transmission speed!

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