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Transfer data from your previous mobile device to the new one

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Transmission is to send your phone data to another cell phone, which people first thought is Bluetooth. But now no one with Bluetooth, because it is not only slow, but also the distance is far can’t connect. In addition to Bluetooth, we usually used for transmission as well as Wi-Fi, can usually be used between the phone and PC with Wi-Fi connection, the two devices in the same Wi-Fi environment can be synchronized, the synchronization process Andrews does not support, you need to use third-party tools. I believe that many local friends in time to give the phone to install software or transmission of data packets approach is certainly the first thought is to use the USB data cable. Because doing so would be more reliable and more stable.

Do not assume that a data line can easily get transferred from one phone to another phone, unless you use the Mobile Trans tool My Mobile Swap, which allows you to complete a quick and easy data transfer. Now, let's just use a simple two-step to complete this complex task.

Step 1: Connect both devices to the computer of My Mobile Swap

Download and install My Mobile Swap on your computer, and then start it, you will see its main interface. Use two USB cable to connect those two phones both with computers. Let the software to connect your device, its default, will soon be able to see that they are safe implanted. You may notice the following devices are connected to a "copy to" button, there are two opposing arrows, and these two buttons allows you to freely swap the contents of the two devices.

Step 2: Select the data to be transferred

In this step, you need to select the phone data you want to copy from the original to the target phone. In the topmost menu bar, we can see that there are contacts, text messages, images, video and audio, click on the appropriate content, then click copy to. Just remember, during transmission, the connection cannot be disconnected. In a very short time, you will see a small window pops up, telling you all the work is completed, click "OK", and check your target phone data.

As you can see, all the contacts, text messages, videos, photos, music, and even call history, applications can be transferred with the help of My Mobile Swap from one phone to another phone. Why not try it?

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