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1 Free Software - Free Easy Video Merger on Thu Apr 09, 2015 12:16 am

As a teacher who likes using multimedia courseware often need to surf the Internet and download all kinds of video files as the courseware material, if the download video files can be directly into the PPT presentation, you need to video converter software transcoding with special format, such as the network streaming media file format conversion of FLV to common video format AVI, MPG; if the interception of the video file in certain parts of the content, you need to use the video cutter software; if you want to merge the interception video clips together, often need help with special video merger software, which is a bit of trouble.

AllPepole My Merger is a batch video conversion and merge tool, it can support convert and merge a number of different formats of video files such as VCD, AVI, MPEG, SVCD or DVD files with a MP4 file, you only need to put all the video files added to the software, can be completed the format conversion and the merge operation once, very convenient.

Add file

After running the software, the interface is simple and clear, respectively, preview, pictures, video and audio. Click on the Toolbar "Add" button, the pop-up open file dialog box, and find you want to combined video, images and audio files, click" open "button, add these files to the list of software interface, and display the media file format.

Preview file

AllPepole My Merger comes with a player that can preview video files have been added. Right click to preview video files, click the "play" option in the preview window, we also play at the bottom of the window by clicking on the "play" and "stop" button and the "progress" and "volume control" to control the playback. In addition, in the preview process, also on the screen to edit, add text labels. If the preview that need to get rid of a video file, select the file, click the "remove" option to remove it from the list box.

Adjust the order

The merged file will be in accordance with the order of all the files in the source files in the list box in the play, if you require the order of video, pictures and audio to play the combined, can be adjusted by the preset at the bottom of the interface.

Merge file

After adjust the document order, check the video file to merge in the "source" in the list box, can achieve a key to select, choose a location to store the merged in "the output path" options, select the file name and directory to save the merged file, click the "save" button, click merge, software began to select the video file format conversion and merge operation. After the completion of the merger, will pop up a dialog box, suggesting that the merger has been completed, click on the preview.

Tip: in the merger process, do not close the software interface; otherwise it will waste all the previous efforts. Good news: AllPepole My Merger not only support Windows download, but also support Mac download.

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