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Transfer Mobile Phone Content between Cell Phones

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AllPepole Mobile Swap is mobile transfer and share software between cell phone and cell phone quickly, so we now use mobile phones to share what way? Bluetooth, Network Disk, Wi-Fi, regardless of which will be more trouble, limited Bluetooth speed, network disk needs to upload and download, and the same Wi-Fi environment is also needed but also Ping other IP, and Mobile Transfer makes it all become simple.

What makes it really so magical? No Bluetooth, no Wi-Fi networks, what mobile phones rely on transfer? The answer is very simple, it is the data line, only need to install AllPepole Mobile Swap on your computer, then use two data lines to transmit data required to connect two phones. Indeed after the connection can be transmitted between two mobile phones, and the speed of transmission is also very good, but we also noticed that at the bottom of the software interface, which is the bottom of the phone is connected, respectively, with a facing arrow copy to key, that imply AllPepole Mobile Swap can transfer data each other between two phones.

AllPepole Mobile Swap transmitted content is very extensive, including applications, pictures, music, videos and documents trivial, especially in the application, the transmission does not require that you have the original installation files for the application, the application has been installed the same can easily be transmitted in the device.

The Mobile TransferMobile Transfer software has very user-friendly interface, the interface looks like a file manager, content can be sent include all file types, but can also be classified according to the file type, in addition to applications, music, pictures, video, other files you need to look in the file manager.

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