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Free Video Cutter free download

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1 Free Video Cutter free download on Mon Apr 20, 2015 11:42 pm

In earlier, video cutting and editing only film and television professional production personnel can complete, and now, with the rise of a number of video cutting and editing software, such as the non-professionals can finish video cutting and editing. Usually used in most video editing is video cutting, such as cut time and images. For everyone we will discuss how to cut video clips, and introduce simple and easy to use video editing software—AllPepole Video Cutter.

The detailed operation steps are as follows:

First: import the video file into the software.

First of all, we can click the "add video" button to import videos into the software. At the same time, we can also import multiple video files to achieve batch processing steps, to avoid duplication. And we also can insert gif and flash to it.

Second: choose the start time and end time, easy edit and cut video files.

Import and preview the videos, random set part of the video clips, only need to set the start time and end time of the video, can be easily completed.

Third: choose the exported video format.

We can choose exported video formats at the center of the software interface, such as image format, Flash format and GIF format, and so on.

Fourth: easily merge all video clips.

After the cutting, there will be a lot of wonderful video clips, you can use the merge function to merge all the video clips into one, so you can easily create wonderful video highlights.

Fifth, choose the final generated video format

In the selection of the final generation software of the lower right corner of the video format type, and then click on “to video”, to generate the video. After completed, click on the preview. A wonderful video highlights is so produced.

Free download at Mac App Store:

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