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How to use videos to make into GIF

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1 How to use videos to make into GIF on Wed Apr 22, 2015 11:28 pm

How to make GIF by videos? Happy childhood, watching the children grow up in a variety of cute, is not it also wants to make look cute dynamic figure into gif to friends in the chat? Now you have to love the My Video Cuter to cut wonderful video clips to make into cute little GIF flash.

My Video Cuter is very powerful video editing and cutting software, which includes cutting and editing video, home movies all you want, from start to finish guided step by step operation is the best production and editing home movies tool. Include: clip, cut, convert video, merge video, export to a file or burn a CD and other functions. In short it has all the features you edit and produce the required home movies. Operation is very simple, more suitable for novice users to quickly create and requirements!

Step 1: Import external video, click on the video preview, and then select the video start time and end time, like the wonderful video clips interception. After the interception finished, click "to gif", the video will be automatically saved in the middle of the interface appear. Of course, when we are doing GIF is certainly more than a video to clip highlights can also be used to synthesize multiple video. Operating step-outs same simple, just select the video of the start time and end time, you can cut out a wonderful video.

Step 2: the new generation of video clips merge. Prior to the merger or so video clips, select the output file format or type, click on the button to choose the drop-down menu, select gif, gif and then select the output path to save the file, and finally click to gif, gif a lovely flash map so simple production and become.

What are you hesitating? Quickly put this to you elaborate gif flash map to share with your friends. Meanwhile, do not forget to share our Video Cutter. Special Note: Currently, My Video Cutter only supports Mac version, Windows version is in development efforts. Please continue to pay attention to AllPepole.

Download Video Cutter at Mac App Store:

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