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How to make your electronic photo album more dynamic

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With digital camera in the home is becoming increasingly popular, more convenient for people to save but do not need to put photographs are printed out when the picture is taken, more chose packaged or stored in the computer CD-ROM, so electronic album making software acts as a very important role in this process. By AllPepole Video Merger production of electronic photo album is more dynamic and more colorful.

AllPepole video merger can send your photos and videos accompanied by music and lyrics subtitles, made into MP4 format video electronic album. Let your electronic album or Kara OK video more unique style.

Firstly, click on the "Add image" button will be ready to join the photos, software support multi-select feature photo and include all image formats, so we can batch import photos quickly. If the photo is a large number of words, the software provides a preview function helps you accurately choose.

Secondly, edit picture material. Click on the "Add Text" tab, enter text in the text input box, and click on the "Add Text" button. Text appears on the screen, you can freely drag the text box to determine the location of text appear, you can also set the font, font size, font color, strokes and other parameters of the text.

Thirdly, add musical accompaniment. The above steps are carried out in preparation for the electronic album material, and a complete electronic photo album video is not the lack of audio files, so this step we will choose the sounds of music files added to the software based on individual preferences, and the final play to create a picture with the singing of the electronic album. Click on the bottom right of the software window "Add Audio" button, the music files in various formats can be added to the software in the past, and then we can see the added audio files from the interface window a list of files in the music source.

Fourthly, select the output path, click Merge. A so simple step, hand-made electronic albums was born, and quickly shares with your friends and family now.

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