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What the design core functions of AllPepole Video Cutter?

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AllPepole video cutter is a powerful video editing software, without re encoding and editing some video clips; video cutting is mainly the choice of time, through this software, you can realize the video will be cut into a plurality of segments, delete unwanted fragments, then the video fragment remaining, add transition effects, or to save the fragments.

We have a look first to design the core functions of love clips, add a second material or sound effects in a video, and then the material will be along with the second video bound. Whether you move this video to any location, then this effect will not change. This "default bundle" design concept is good, because you no longer have to cut in front of a video, causing the back of the material all misplaced!

AllPepole Video Cutter core functions -- add video and cut

Click add video frame, you can add a video, almost all video formats support. And then use the time button to clip out the desired part.

AllPepole Video Cutter core function – add material

Now the TV program will increase a lot of material to expand the dynamic picture. For example, when someone laugh, jumped out a "laugh" expression. Love in the editing software here, make the same effect is simply.

AllPepole Video Cutter core function – Video Merger

No need to open the other combined software, a key to merge all cut out video clips, and then generate a complete video highlights.

Using guide:

First add video files, enter the cutting mode, set the start point and end point, click the Save button to complete the editing format video clip. Preview the clip out of the video clip, a cut that if not satisfied, click delete, re edit. Confirm the cut after the video, one click merge; choose output path and output format, a few simple steps, easy to get all.

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