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Free Video Merger - download for Mac and Windows

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Today's information age, almost can support many digital devices to take pictures, so our phones, cameras or computers are often stored a lot of beautiful photos, some friends when the picture, and some may be normally in daily life or artistic photographs shoot carefully. Those recorded photos unruly youth produced video, we leave the memories will become the most unique way. How to make a video with photos, as a novice of us, a simple operation and to ensure that essential fine degree of software! Open AllPepole video merger, through the "add images" button, import all our photos to software. Click on the image, preview, when previewing, we can add a text description of the image, drag the position of the text and so on.

Silent picture show may lose the color of the pictures, then accompanied by some pleasant music albums, you can choose any format of audio as background music. Click to add audio, the software will automatically match the length of the audio time and image display time, and then add background music to complete, select the output path to save to your favorite dictionary, after completion of the merger and convenient viewing. When finished, click on the Merger, merger takes about a few minutes, in the process of the merger, we can do something else on the Internet, wait for the video album released.

When AllPepole video merger prompt conversion is successful, will pop up a dialog box prompts you to preview, quickly click to play video Watch the video album of the effect!

Free Download at Mac APP Store:

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