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How to merge video and audio into one?

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1 How to merge video and audio into one? on Mon Jun 08, 2015 8:58 pm

When you see a moving video screen, again fortunately you know a gentle song; you imagine that merging the audio and video into a tear jerking scene? It is not enough, okay? It's not the more intuitive to imagine that you might as well go directly to merge video that you want to!

How to merge audio and video? Actually change a kind of view is to add background music to video, merge the two together need to use relevant audio and video merge software--AllPepole video merger, the function button it looks pretty much, but in fact still do not calculate too difficult. And it’s much easier to operate if you just merge audio and video, firstly open the software and click free trial.

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The software interface is divided into four parts, namely preview, you can import and view video, music, pictures and other documents. Picture track can add and delete pictures, video track can add and delete video, audio track can add and delete audio. So merge video and audio, you only should operate at video tracks and audio tracks.

In the video track right click to add video, pop explorer, select and insert to merge with the video, the same operation in the audio track to insert audio, or you can add video and audio by opening folder, and then directly add video and audio files, drag and drop to the corresponding track. In the video files, there is a play button, click to preview at preview window to check the video effects.

When you feel the video and audio are ok, and then begin to merge video and audio, in fact, is the new synthetic video guide only. Click the output path button below the software interface, and then pop up a dialog, so you can choose the video path you want to output, and then wait for the new video generated. After the video and audio merged, then click the player to check the effect.

AllPepole Video Merger supports all popular video, audio and image formats, which is capable of achieving video, audio and picture mixing of merger. Interface is friendly and easy to use, no plug-ins, absolutely green software. You can have a try!

AllPepole Video Merger for Mac:

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