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AllPepole’s Universal Video Converter Is Coming to Us

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As we all know it, there are a variety of video formats. If you play a video differ from the player, the video must be converted. Only convert the video formats that the player supports, you can watch it. Do you know how many common video formats can convert each other? The editor will give a few examples as follows. If you have a useful video format converter, you can also recommend it to everyone.

1. RMVB → MP4
Because video compression rate is very high but RMVB can be in ensuring the quality of the premise of a smaller size, this format is very popular on the Web, MP4 format for Sony, Apple and other companies produce handheld mobile devices such as PSP, iPod, iPhone, etc., and most of the major mobile phone video formats.

2. RMVB → 3GP
Like MP4, 3GP format is used for video mobile handheld devices. But compared to MP4, this format is mainly used in low-end phones or the smaller range of applications, or the use of H263 encoding. Its quality is also very low. With the continuous development of the mobile phone device, this format has been phased out. However, due to the mobile phone compatibility, there are still large amount of application.

3. AⅥ → MPEG
AⅥ and MPEG video should be a very common format, so this format conversion software a lot, including bbMPEG 1.23, TMPGEnc beta 12a, Beaver nest versatile video converter and so on. Here we will introduce Honestech MPEG Encoder 1.1. it can help you to convert video files into MPEG video /AⅥ document software. The special coding algorithm makes the work of converting files more quickly, complete and accurate. Although encode is special, you need not worry about the too complex steps because the software has a simple interface. just select the file you want to convert video AⅥ, then set the archive name and path to save the converted file, you can begin to convert files.

4. MTS → DVD
MTS is a high-definition format. Its resolution usually achieves 1080p, a Sony HD camcorder format. Because the current definition player has not been popular and ordinary DVD player does not support this format, you need to convert MTS to DVD which is used in high-definition video camera player plays at home.

5. F4V → AVI
As the Internet is widely used in people's lives, video sharing has become a fashion. Compared with traditional CD player, you more inclined to download videos in the video site in order to meet the demand for network bandwidth and people clarity of requirements. An emerging F4V emerges. Apart from the use of more advanced HD video compressor, F4V smaller volume can achieve higher resolution, which also determines the format to more to meet the needs of the times. Due to an emerging format, the various hardware formats are compatible with a lower capacity. It will be also an increasing demand to convert into AVI F4V.

Due to the limited number of words, the editor just introduces the five common video formats conversions. If there is a more practical video format converter, you can recommend it to everyone. Because AllPepole has developed a universal Video Converter which converts more than 160 types of video format, the user can freely go through the format conversion of video, audio. In addition to the above conversion, it also supports format conversion between mobile devices. If interested in this application, you can find it out and have a free trial. If there are more practical video conversions you share with us, maybe it will be covered in AllPepole video converter to facilitate more people.

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