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How to backup Mobile phone data

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1 How to backup Mobile phone data on Wed Jan 14, 2015 10:41 pm

Want to get a new phone, but do not know how to backup data. Mobile phone is too slow, can't restore factory settings because of data backup stumped. Ready to brush, but also because of the data backup and stalled. No problem, this article is known as the most simple mobile phone backup tutorial to help your doubts!

Preparation work:

First of all, download and install My MobileSwap. Free Download MobileSwap

Second, open USB debug mode or developer mode.


The completion of the above work, use the USB data cable to connect computer to mobile phone. Open the Mobile Swap software; select you want to backup data, including SMS, music, video and photos, click at the bottom of the "Copy".

Mobile phone backup is very simple, one click backup by Mobile Swap:

Mobile Swap supports almost all of data backup, first check the main backup project; check the specific items under each main project. For example, some applications or games is huge volume, backup will spend a lot of time, as appropriate; select the backup path, don't try to backup in the system tray (such as disk C); click "start backup" began to backup data.

Personal comments:

In fact, mobile data backup has many tools can be used, chose My MobileSwap by AllPepole Official Website because it is a relatively clean, no advertising data transfer software, users can also choose to other backup tool according to their own preferences, which is the same steps.

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