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We need video converter

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1 We need video converter on Mon Feb 09, 2015 7:22 pm

At present many well-known brands such as Sony, JVC, Panasonic have launched a HD camera, using this camera video quality can reach 1080P HD video format, has become professional DV game player. HD video format by HD video camera is MTS video format, this format is not only easy in other devices play also not easy to edit and save. So to MTS format will be converted to AVI, MPEG2, MP4, WMV and other common video format to use it more convenient, so one professional Video Converter is our necessity.

My VideoConverter as a professional video conversion software, its biggest characteristic is simple operation and conversion supports almost all video and audio format, only a few mouse clicks to complete the conversion of all formats, the following is a detailed introduction of video format conversion using methods.

The first step: rest assured download and install AllPepole Video Converter, and then run the software directly. The software has the advantages of small volume, without any additional plug-ins.

The second step: start My VideoConverter can see the very simple and clear user interface, even if this is the first time use can be seen at a glance the operating method. Then click the Add button at the upper left corner of the screen is very obvious, will add to the conversion of video format to the list of files to the original video, add a variety of formats, almost all video and audio format support, so you can be bold to add the files you want to convert lattice type.

The third step: select the output format, on both sides of the main window interface are supported equipment and conversion output format, so we can choose according to our own needs is converted directly to a mobile device, or convert to a media format. Both HD video, video or handheld device commonly used is specified video format; want what kind of format on the choice of what kind of format of output.

The fourth step: the video and audio settings parameters. Click options, automatically display a set of video and audio parameters dialog box, you can set the output video bit rate, frame rate, resolution, etc..

The fifth step, select the output path, began the conversion. Choose one of the following one you want to save to a file, click the button to begin the conversion.

The video conversion software is so powerful, not only support Windows version download, also support Mac version download, you can accord your actual situation to download and install; all of the software can have a free trial.

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