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How to Convert VOB Files for Better Playing on Mac

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Are you interested in the VOB format? Click here for details. The abbreviation of VOB is a container for the DVD Video media format. VOB derived from mpeg-2 program stream format, but in private flows with additional restrictions and norms, because the media companies want to limit the public users use illegal DVDS, and other reasons. VOB file contains the flow in the form of video, audio, subtitles and menu content.
How to convert VOB to AVI on Mac
To convert VOB video to AVI on Mac, it is highly recommended that you professional applications, AllPepole Video Converter, as your assistant. Mac applications designed to convert video and audio files. Through years of development and upgrade, intuitive application enables you to as quickly as possible, easily.
Step 1. Add your VOB video
Click the upper left part of the window "load DVD" button next to the "add file" button, browse your files manually. Drag and drop functionality can also be used to import your file is not a lot of trouble.
Step 2. Set the AVI to output format
For a single import file format, please in the main pane click the selected video file, and then transferred to the drop-down menu and click on the "output format". Turn to the format TAB, and then go to the "video" TAB. Click the AVI set it to your VOB file output format.
Step 3. According to the need to convert VOB to AVI on Windows PC
In setting the output for all to convert file formats, click the "convert" button. Finish your homework waiting for converter, once completed, it will be converted file stored in the Windows PC.
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