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Video Merger and news reports

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1 Video Merger and news reports on Thu Jun 25, 2015 11:26 pm

Since this summer, most places are hit by torrential rain. People actively post the article, but most photos of urban storm frame have the similar theme, content floating on the surface. This kind of news is unable to meet the readers’ ever-increasing demands. When the newspaper coverage the rain, urban waterlogging and other topics with photos, they do not settle for shooting stereotyped images, such as riving a card through puddles, walking the street with umbrella, riding electric vehicles through the water, and so on. The focus on news is necessary in the report.
There must be the shooting details, circumstances photos and different perspectives. In addition, the manuscript of the tourism, transportation and agricultural production impacted by heavy rains of are also the focus of the coverage.
News stories must be original and need to show the ingenuity. So picture and video editing is particularly important. First,pictures must suck the eye of the person so that people can be interested in the topic. Secondly, videos must arouse the sympathy of citizens. In the processing and integration of pictures and videos, AllPepole Video Merger with its simple, functional diverse makes the news coverage a greater improvement. As the people have knowledge of current affairs, they will feel the charm of news coverage.
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