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Video Cutter – Powerful Software to Cut the Video

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Video Cutter has the function of straightforward operation, simple and clear interface. The software was designed originally to make the people who have little knowledge about cutting video understand all the operation steps at first glance. And even the people don’t have the basic knowledge of cutting video, don’t understand these professional vocabulary, such as timeline, ono-coding, etc., but the people can use the software well.
First of all, Video Cutter can cut any part of video by entering precise timeline and trimming video frames. Whatever the part of the video you want, you can insert the timeline and you will get the smaller video.
Next, the video software can cut the audio of a video into individual audio files. If you just are interested in the song of a video, you can only cut the audio out. In addition, it can be used to cut any part of one audio by entering precise timeline and trimming audio track.
Eventually, it can cut the conversation in a film into a dialogue. For example, we can cut an audio from the MTV to be music files. Thus, it is quite convenient for people to get the dialogue of a film.
To conclude, the software makes everything restore to the most intuitive editing way.

Allpepole Video Cutter at Mac APP store:

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