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Make Mother's Day video-Use AllPepole video merger

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May is approaching, the second Sunday in May is Mother's Day. Maternal love is selfless, a lot of people but have embarrassed expression. But in the digital era, pick touching photos about motherly love, made into a touching Mother's Day video, video expression to mother, and share the majority of users, it would have an ingenious way of touching. Perhaps you will say, I can’t make Mother's Day moving video. Do not worry, this article today is going to teach you a simple and fast way to make this selfless maternal love, beautiful and touching Mother's Day videos. You will find that to express your gratitude to your mother, without gifted writer, and without professional skills training, so touching and beautiful effect, in fact, quite simple to implement.

Before you start to learn making Mother's Day video, we are ready to powerful video merger tools "My Merger"(

First, collect photos, import them to video merger

First, in the top right corner of the main interface of the picture section, click on the "Add photo" button, we are ready to import all the beautiful memories of picture material. For example, according to the mother of daily life, the family pictures, or some conception of Mother's Day wish language images.

Second, insert confession records with a cell phone

Perhaps there is a lot of gratitude, you embarrassed when faced with the mother, then recorded using a mobile phone! Mobile phones or cameras can be used as recording tool. Ready for recording, click on the bottom right corner of the main interface to add audio button, you can insert into your video recordings, as it adds more moving elements.

Third, for each picture add notes

Each picture is an expression of love, and then add a description on the rich for them to express your most sincere feelings. Click on each picture, it will automatically preview, preview below there is a button to add text, enter your thanksgiving language, there will be a picture frame, you can freely drag the size and location of the border, so the picture be more vivid!

Fourth, the final step, choose save dictionary, click on the bottom right corner of the main interface "Merger" button, which is filled with gratitude for Mother's Day video will be generated immediately!

Without too much affectionate description, thanksgiving our mother, we can all have our own unique style of fashion. Taking advantage of this Mother's Day, use video merger produced perfect video dedicated to the mother; I believe she will be happy for your love and elaborated!

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