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How to exchange mobile data between two phones

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1 How to exchange mobile data between two phones on Sun Mar 29, 2015 11:32 pm

This year's MP3 music phone and high pixel camera phones are very popular. So, how to make beautiful MP3 from one mobile phone to another mobile phone? How to share the captured beautiful photos and videos with your friends? The easiest way is through mobile phone wireless internet access, direct access to MP3 or directly sends photos. But because of the current mobile internet speed and cost constraints, mobile Internet through WAP or GPRS access is not effective. Today to introduce the current popular methods, namely through the computer to access the Internet to download resources, then between computer and phone via infrared, Bluetooth, data line and so on 3 ways to realize data transfer.

The infrared transmission

Wireless transmission infrared type penetration rate is a way of wireless transmission is relatively high. Although most of the mobile phone is equipped with a support infrared transmission protocol port, however, not all computers are configured with infrared transmission tool. Because at present the computer motherboard most although they support the infrared protocol, but did not fit any infrared receiver, if you want to use this function, must buy an infrared adapter is installed on the motherboard, the latter for external connection via the USB port, and then the system to install the driver, can achieve the wireless transmission between mobile phone and computer.

Bluetooth transmission

Bluetooth technology has incomparable advantages of infrared technology, no direction restriction, transmission distance of 10 meters, more than "strong" theory of infrared, transmission rate can reach 1M, the transmission of data freely, but to use this kind of technology, the user must have Bluetooth adapter, a Bluetooth enabled mobile phone now, because of Bluetooth mobile phone market penetration rate is not very high, but as we all know, apple mobile phone Bluetooth can only be used to call, either and Apple products or and other mobile phone cannot transfer things, only supports the Bluetooth connection, connected to a network, do not support any data transmission.

Data line transmission

Perhaps few people will now use the data line to transmit data, because they think the data line for a lot of trouble. But we have to admit, the data line for the transmission of data is the most stable, the most rapid. To transmit data by data line, of course, the third party platform support. AllPepole Mobile Swap is Mobile Swap software which can realize cross platform data transmission, the installation process without any plug-ins and advertising. At present, mobile phone data transmission of AllPepole Mobile Swap temporarily only support Android system, transmission includes contacts, SMS, music, videos and pictures etc. multimedia files.

Compared with infrared, Bluetooth data transmission, data transmission lines is definitely the best; do not appear to drop out problem in the process of transmission. Of course, we can accord our own preferences to choose our transmission ways.

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